Responsive Space Command

SCL for Mission Critical Command and Control

There is increasing demand within the military for cost-effective, easily available commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions. Yet mission critical operations demand high levels of functionality, flexibility, scalability and control not always available with COTS products. SRA’s award-winning Spacecraft Command Language (SCL) offers a proven COTS solution to support the complete lifecycle of command and control operations.

Using SCL’s full-featured scripting language, you can easily build, test and operate diverse control systems across mission critical command and control (C2) and Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C3ISR) domains. Rooted in Expert System technology, SCL greatly reduces workload and automates routine tasks through procedural, time-sequenced and event-based responses to real-time data. It is the industry's only solution using the same technology on ground control and embedded expert systems, which increases flexibility and reduces costs over time. The system’s Real-Time Engine is portable so it can deliver data to a variety of workstations and embedded systems. SRA’s Remote Web-Based Monitoring Solutions (RIMS) tool also enables data delivery to desktops or low-cost devices like PDAs and smart phones.

SCL-driven satellite in orbit

Our mature, stable and extensible software architecture helps to ensure success in a variety of C4I (Command, control, communications, computers and intelligence) Ground Stations or embedded systems. SCL has more than 10 years of on-orbit experience and has received man-rating certification from NASA – the highest level of quality for spaceflights.


  • Autonomous/Web-centric command and control
  • Full-featured scripting language
  • Data fusion platform
  • Embedded, real-time sensor control and processing
  • UNIX and Windows workstation platforms and popular Real-Time Operating Systems for embedded systems
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Workload augmentation and advisory systems
  • Extensible via a full-featured Application Programmer’s Interface (API)
  • End-to-End systems, or value added to legacy systems


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Support and maintenance of the SCL software is provided through a third party, Software Control Solutions, LLC. Customers may contact our third party provider directly to arrange for support and related services.