LogDAT logistics software

Turning Data into Actionable Information


LogDAT eliminates the time previously spent collecting and analyzing data so logistics managers can focus on mission-critical work

The armed forces are often challenged to manage equipment and resources using incompatible data systems. SRA’s LogDAT system eliminates the time previously spent collecting and analyzing data so logistics managers can focus on mission-critical work. This supply chain automation tool offers modeling and analysis tools along with asset visibility, tracking and identification across the enterprise.

With LogDAT, information is aggregated and presented in a variety of ways that can be tailored to the viewer’s needs. Managers can make quick, well-informed decisions based on actionable data which creates a tactical and strategic advantage.


Seamlessly orchestrating military equipment to be available when and where it’s needed can contribute to the success of a mission. With LogDat, managers have visibility into maintenance work orders at the parts, personnel and man hour level. They can also forecast workloads, personnel skills requirements and equipment status. In a real-world example, a maintenance manager could quickly search for a part, find a location that has it and calculate the distance to get there and retrieve it. Since downtime is lost time that can impact the mission, quickly returning equipment to operational status provides an important advantage.


  • Cleanse disparate data
  • Collect data from over 1300 sources
  • Rapidily develop web applications
  • Usability and user acceptance
  • Adapt to changing customer requirements


  • Correct data in the source systems
  • Tailor data extraction and loading to each source
  • Applications are user-friendly
  • Innovative technology adapts to changing requirements


LogDAT uses proven cost-effective technologies that are compatible with the customer’s environment. Because LogDAT is web-based, it offers a "zero-footpring" on the client’s PC. Because it requires no software or configuration changes, upgrades can be made frequently and with ease.

LogDAT uses proven cost-effective technologies
  • Microsoft SQL Server®
    Database engine
  • Adobe Coldfusion® Server
    Scripting language
  • Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio®
    For Windows Mobile applications
  • Red Gate® Software SQL Tool Suite
    For disaster recovery, data replication, and configuration controls between database servers


LogDAT’s feature-rich platform can meet the demanding needs of military logistics and is used by the Army Reserve.


  • Modeling, design, and development of Very Large Database (VLDB)
  • Web application design and implementation
  • Gathering and documentation of customer requirements

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  • Data Architect, Database Administrator
  • Web Engineer
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