Defending America against
the Asymmetric Threat


America's current adversaries do not attack our strongest points; indeed, they attempt to bypass our military altogether. The asymmetry of such warfare blurs the lines between civilian and soldier and moves warfare off the traditional battlefield.

The asymmetric warfare cyber battle space can be divided into three principal domains:

  • Information Security
    Protecting critical mission systems and networks.
  • Space Control
    Continuing America's dominance in space.
  • Counter Group
    Responding to emerging threats.


Both offensive and defensive capabilities in this perpetual, and almost entirely virtual, war require mastery of numerous operational and technical domains while remaining in compliance with given policies. SRA partners with customers to solve problems using creativity and technical excellence. We provide renowned data mining, red team, intelligence fusion, and advanced visualization capabilities necessary for the realities of asymmetric warfare.


  • Intelligence Community clients are drowning in data as network-based communications rapidly expand
  • Emerging technologies remain riddled with security vulnerabilities
  • Application, sensor, and network architectures quickly change and evolve


  • Developed technologies to speed analysis and correlation while improving accuracy
  • Created methodologies for assessing technologies under development
  • Design and implement advanced secure service-oriented architectures


SRA performs cutting-edge research and development in many technologies relevant to cyber security and the active engagement of asymmetric warfare with America's adversaries. We aid our customers' mission by providing solutions in asymmetric warfare technologies and operations.

4GW Technologies
  • Situational awareness through information operations planning and indications and warnings monitoring
  • Informatics discovery through data mining and secure service-oriented architecture
  • Reporting and detection of network attacks or enemy maneuvers through advanced sensors
  • Mission performance technologies must adhere to the entire underlying infrastructure of information assurance and operations policy. SRA facilitates this by providing its customers solutions for accreditation, privacy, red teaming, and compliance auditing.


SRA has hundreds of engineers and scientists carrying the highest level of US government security clearances—all of whom are trained and highly experienced in various perspectives of technologies relevant to asymmetric warfare. We support all of America's most critical intelligence agencies, departments, and military services. For these clients, we bring enthusiasm, innovation, science, and operational excellence to the challenges posed by their missions.


  • Information Operations
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Risk Management
  • Systems & Software Development
  • Intelligence Analysis


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  • Software Engineer
  • Security Specialist
  • Network Engineer
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • System Administrator