Service Offerings

SRA is pleased to offer our support to DHS in Functional Category 3 - Independent Test, Validation, Verification, and Evaluation. This category includes the full range of independent test, validation, verification, and evaluation solutions to ensure that all IT products and services meet DHS standards, and are performing to defined design, cost, schedule and performance specifications/capabilities. SRA will provide best practices, technologies, tools, and support to quality and operational assessments, integration testing and system test and evaluation, including security certification and accreditation, for IT systems. SRA shall also provide independent verification and validation through the monitoring and evaluation of projects through activities such as, but not limited to, assessments, process and procedure audits, project and performance management, and systems analysis and design.

SRA Team

SRA has provided support to DHS components for more than 30 years, establishing a solid partnership upon which to build mission success. With a team of experienced professionals committed to Honesty and Service®, we offer top-notch support in a wide variety of function areas. Our innovative initiatives demonstrate our in-depth knowledge of DHS, as exhibited by successful past performance on large, complex, enterprise-wide programs.

SRA Advantages

  • Recognition for delivering quality results in a performance-based environment
  • Industry leader in managing mission critical ID/IQ contracts
  • A recruitment, training, and retention program that is a model for the IT industry
  • A disciplined approach to ensure maximum participation by small and mid-sized partners
  • A commitment to provide DHS an unprecedented level of support
  • Corporate-wide CMMI-SE/SW Level 3 rating standardizes our management processes based on external SCAMPI appraisal
  • EVMS self-verified to be fully compliant with all 32 guidelines in EIA-748A

Information regarding the EAGLE and EAGLE II contracts can be found at: Information Technology Acquisitions.

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