Security & Privacy

Securing Physical and Virtual Environments from Threat

Government agencies are increasingly challenged to protect physical and virtual environments from a rise in manmade and natural threats. Faced with mounting regulatory requirements, stagnant budgets and strained human resources, agencies are often unable to address the spectrum of complex security issues. To succeed, they must use innovative technologies and specialized expertise to plan, prepare, prevent and respond to security breaches and attacks. SRA has the strategic, technical and functional expertise to help government agencies cost-effectively protect people, property, infrastructure and information while delivering value to citizens and stakeholders.

The complexity of today’s technology environment combined with the ever-increasing modes of attack and types of threats makes it challenging for internal security professionals to keep pace. SRA provides the specialized expertise needed to establish processes and policies, implement controls, engineer architectures and secure assets and information. Our team of more than 270 information and security experts come from organizations like the National Security Council, the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense. Along with offering real-world insight, many have earned the highest professional certifications.