Wounded Warrior Program

Wounded Warrior Program

SRA's Wounded Warrior Program provides career transition and support to severely injured military service members and their families, by identifying potential career opportunities across SRA.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Military service members who have incurred injuries or illnesses during deployment in overseas contingency operations
  • Primary caregivers or wage earners for a family of a veteran who is unable to work
  • Widows and widowers of fallen military service members

Wounded military service members must have received a physical disability rating of 30 percent or greater from the Department of Defense or Veterans Administration in one or more specific categories that substantially affect one or more major life functions, or, a combined rating equal to or greater than 50 percent for any other combat- or combat-related condition.

How Does It Work?

SRA periodically promotes career opportunities ideal for the Wounded Warrior Program at area job fairs, U.S. armed forces military transitions units and online. Participants may compete with other qualified candidates for all existing open positions. In such cases, additional training may be considered to augment the participants' experiences.

Application and Follow-Up

Interested candidates may apply online as normal for specific positions, and should then opt-in by following up directly with the Wounded Warrior Program by contacting, listing their name, rating status and interested positions.

Program Approval and Assessment

All program entrants are reviewed for their eligibility and overall qualifications. Once a candidate is approved and accepted into the Wounded Warrior Program, SRA evaluates and identifies accommodations the candidate will need relative to the position, ensuring that if the candidate is hired, he or she will have everything needed to be able to perform the job as comfortably as possible.

Career Counseling and Mentorship

All program participants will be advised on the lifecycle of the SRA hiring process, including: converting their current military occupational specialty (MOS) to a civilian career (if applicable), moving into a new non-MOS-equivalent career, and preparing for the interview. All participants will work with a mentor from our established Veteran Employee Resource Group.

Do All Participants Get Hired?

The Wounded Warrior Program does not guarantee the wounded warrior candidate will be hired; however, the program will work with business leaders within SRA to determine the most sustainable and accommodating opportunities for all participants, and will actively engage leadership throughout the process to ensure success.