Public Health Informatics

The healthcare industry generates massive volumes of information that is increasingly stored, processed and managed electronically. Organizations often don’t have the functional expertise, technical skills or resources to take advantage of the transformation. SRA helps clients use technology to create actionable knowledge that improves decision-making, collaboration and service delivery.

Our healthcare and IT experts deliver cost-effective solutions that empower clients to make educated decisions about their healthcare programs. We specialize in preparedness, monitoring and surveillance of systems and information to track potential issues and resolve them quickly. Through collaborative service models and technologies, we help clients store, retrieve and reuse knowledge across the enterprise to speed performance and improve economic efficiency.


  • Empowers decision-making through the creation of actionable information
  • Ensures data integrity and accessibility
  • Increases analytical capabilities in information-intensive environments
  • Enhances collaboration within and across organizations
  • Builds situational awareness


  • Systems development and integration
  • Strategic panning
  • Tabletop exercises
  • COOP planning
  • Laboratory inspections
  • Information / knowledge management systems
  • Data warehousing
  • Medical coding
  • Disease surveillance
  • Data mining
  • Enterprise architecture