About Us

Who We Are

At SRA we combine our creativity, mission experience, technology acumen and domain expertise to deliver innovative IT solutions and professional services in support of the toughest mission and operational challenges of the U.S. government. We are inspired by our customers’ missions  and provide the best people, working together to generate the best ideas, to deliver the best possible performance - all driven by our enduring values of Honesty and Service®

SRA was founded in 1978 and employs over 5,500 professionals who are passionate about creating innovative solutions that help solve some of the most complex challenges in national and homeland security, counterterrorism and intelligence, law enforcement, energy, the environment, health, veterans affairs, agriculture, commerce, transportation and beyond. 



Enduring Values

Our enduring values of Honesty and Service have been in place since the day the company was established and represent a commitment to demonstrating integrity, delivering quality work and customer satisfaction, taking care of our employees and serving our country and communities.     

Inspired Performance

The important work of the U.S. government inspires us to deliver the best performance.

The SRA Advantage

Best People

We attract and retain the Best People by creating and sustaining a thriving environment in which high performing teams can excel. We are committed to providing our people with career opportunities, professional development and training. Our unique culture, rooted in our ethic of Honesty and Service®, enables our people to be our best.

  • Collaborative Thought Leaders
  • Inspired by Our Customers’ Missions
  • Best Teams Culture
  • Diverse Backgrounds
  • Committed to our Enduring Values of Honesty and Service®

Best Ideas

Our distinct ability to generate and deliver Best Ideas to our customers emanates from our longstanding commitment to an ethic of Honesty and Service®.  Our unique focus on integrity, quality work and customer satisfaction, taking care of our people, and serving our country and communities results in a culture of innovation that enables the creation of the best possible ideas and solutions, as evaluated from our customers’ perspective.

  • Mission Experience and Know-How
  • Domain Subject Matter Expertise
  • Capability Centers of Excellence/Technical Competency Building
  • Collaboration Tools and Culture
  • Communities of Practice 

Best Performance

Our people work together to achieve the highest possible levels of team performance in support of our customers. Our proven approaches and methodologies to standing up teams, developing teams and continuously improving team performance result in teams that consistently deliver the Best Performance.

  • Adaptive, Agile Mindset
  • Effective Customer and Partner Engagement
  • Program Performance Monitoring and Support Infrastructure
  • Program Management and Execution Quality Center of Excellence
  • Change Management Expertise