Our Community

Dedicated and Passionate
About the Mission

SRA is a place where employees can do work of global significance and personal fulfillment. We are passionate about giving employees a chance to make a difference in the world by applying sophisticated technologies, creative solutions and strategic thinking to complex challenges.

For 30 years, SRA has built a business based on making the world safer, healthier and more resourceful. Our team of more than 5,500 professionals serves clients in national security, civil government and global health. They travel around the world to offer expertise when and where it’s needed. Whether they’re providing advanced communications technology to the Department of Defense or helping developing countries build high quality health and education services, our employees are dedicated to their mission.

Along with the important work we do globally, SRA promotes social and environmental consciousness at home. Employees can participate in diverse community causes through SRA CARES, our Community Action, Responsibility, Education and Services (CARES) Committee. We also encourage environmental responsibility through Go Green, a corporate-wide campaign to reduce SRA’s environmental footprint.

At SRA, we encourage employees to take their own path. Instead of trying to fill a specific job opening, we hire people for their skills, talents, and potential. Employees can take the initiative and chart their own careers. You can work as an individual performer, a team member, or team leader -- and your role may vary from project to project. We’ll gently push you to refine your skills and broaden your horizons. As your capabilities grow, new challenges will evolve and the possibilities are unlimited. We also offer you opportunities to advance. Most of our executives were promoted from within the company; some have worked here since they were fresh out of college.

We know that ultimately, employees want to enjoy what they do, make meaningful contributions, receive fair compensation and have the opportunity to grow. We work hard to make that happen.

Our success is grounded in the core values we have stressed since our beginnings: an ethic of honesty and service; quality work and customer satisfaction; and caring about our people. We never want to stop growing, learning and improving. Our aspiration is to be the best company in the world, by every measure. It’s a lofty goal and one that we strive to achieve every day.